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Are you looking a dream job in Construction - PES will Help you...

Prayojana Engineering Solutions (PES) is a leading HR Solutions company providing support to the Companies as well as Civil Engineers, Architects and Others.

Prayojana Engineering Solutions (PES) has strong connect with the Construction & Interior Industry

PES is a trusted HR Solutions Partner for the Companies as well as Candidates

  • PES regularly conducts Interviews and has good database of Candidates and understands the Candidates requirements and Company's requirements

  • PES has strong Alumni Network and supports the candidates according to their requirements with a dream job at the quickest time

  • PES has strong HR Network and provided verified candidates to the Companies in shortest time

  • PES charges Service fee after the Placements are confirmed and Candidate is shortlisted by the Company - Industry standards is 1 month, but PES Charges 15days CTC as Service Fee

PES conducts the Interviews and identifies the Skill Sets through Technical Experts Counselling at PES Office or Online.

Based on assessment, CVs are forwarded to HR's as per the Company Hiring Alerts

Instead of attending so many Interviews, registering your CV with PES, helps you to identify the right job at quicker time. PES HR Team helps for Internships, Contract Placements and Confirmed Placements also as per the needs. PES team supports International Placements well

PES Team has rich industry experience and have Technical & HR Evaluation team headed by Mrs Shwetha



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