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  • Writer's pictureEr S G Ashok Kumar PMP, IGBC-AP

Civil Engineer's Interview Checklist...

Preparation for the Interview

Interview notification may be having Company details, Job Description, Mandatory skill set requirements & Work timings, Compensation etc

Most of the Companies these days has website, do visit the website, understand the company business, projects and team etc or you can get the details of the company may be in google or LinkedIn etc, so understanding about the employer helps you lot to select the job or not

Check the job description matches your profile, make a self check, you should know about the role you had applied for and the responsibilities you need to deliver, if you are a fresher, some of the companies may train you else you need to get those skills through Internship or Trainings

Update your CV as per the Job requirements, the key words should include the job profile indicated and enclose a covering letter and CV should have all latest updates, and for freshers you may expect 90% of questions only from your CV, what you have written, based on that only questions will be there

These days Interviews may be offline or online, having tests, followed by assignments with portfolio submission etc, carry your projects done or portfolio during the Interview, it gives an edge on comparison with others

How many Interviews you are attending doesn't matter....How you prepared for Every Interview matters

For the Budding professionals above material will be helpful, listen to the videos

After each interview, ask yourself what went right and wrong, analyze, and take a corrective action, In our country, most of the employers are not sharing the feedback for not hiring or why they hired, so candidates are not able to correct themselves for the next interview, and the employer requirements are properly communicated.

Post Interview, wait patiently for the results, too much of follow up, will not provide positive results, instead the employers will feel uncomfortable, everyone has priorities, since there are openings the interview was conducted, wait patiently for positive response. Sometimes, same employer may end with more openings, you may be kept hold, as based on project requirements only hiring happens, one should attend, In Civil Engg bench concept is not there, once the employer bags significant projects, they need immediate talents. Any HR looks for the people who recently attended interviews and kept on Hold, gets calls



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