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Construction Training Programs as per Industry Requirement

The growing demand for technology advancement and changing construction practices have made it pivotal for everyone to be aware of the latest trends. Only knowledge is not enough; one has to keep upgrading their adequate skills and it has to be nurtured as per the industry demands. This is the key to bridging the gap of knowledge and skill. Construction Management Training Institute – CMTi aims to bridge this gap between the Academics & Industry Requirements with their training programs. CMTi ‘s objective is to provide an extensive module of necessary training that gives them the fundamental skills and paramount level of preparedness to perform tasks and tackle any challenge in construction. It is for organisations, students and for those who want to upgrade their knowledge.

It is a professional organization working towards the development of Construction professionals by structured training programs. These programs include topics such as Construction Management, Green Buildings, Digital Construction (Drones /IOT, Automation), Building Services & Interiors etc.

CMTi has a strong connection with industry experts to make the Construction professionals up to date about the project status. In the past 3 years, a lot of engineers are trained as per the work requirements in the different domains of Construction. It is associated with leading engineering colleges and works with Govt & Professional bodies & Corporates for Industrial training & field training development of Construction professionals by industry-based training programs on Construction.

CMTi Programs

  • Short / long-term training programs for organisations

  • Online workshops

  • Construction management courses

  • Online / Offline- training

  • Internship program for students

These programs are available in different multi-linguistic [regional] languages. They also have an extensive E-learning platform, on which you will get access to videos and drawings. Their E-library has codebooks and handbooks.

CMTi professionally grooms the candidates as per the Industry Requirements. For Fresher / Budding Engineers, getting a better offer is his dream. They are having weekend & evening training for working professionals and Civil Engineering students looking for better opportunities.

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Mobile: 88844 22179,

whatsapp: 88844 21414

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