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Importance of Bar Bending Schedules for a Site Engineer Job

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

What is BBS & Why is it required?

Bar bending schedule is prepared by Site Engineers, Structural Engineers provide design drawings to the project.

Its Site Engineer responsibility to prepare detailed schedules with cut length, bend measurements and shapes etc as per the relevant IS Codes , SIte Engineer needs to prepare working sheets called as BBS and provide to Reinforcement workers.

Before pouring the concrete, Site Engineer needs BBS to verify the quantity of steel laid done on the structure. Joint Measurements were also been taken.

Material Procurement Planning & Reconciliation of steel and Proper billing at Projects are the responsibility of BBS Engineer.

In Many Companies, based on the project volumes, specially BBS Engineers profiles are available and they are responsible for Reinforcement works. In Govt Projects, its must before pouring the Concrete, BBS to be submitted to the department engineer for verification and once he has done the check physically, if everything is as per the schedules, then the engineer is allowed to pour the concrete. BBS is an important document for Quality Control as well as Billing document.

If you are looking for Quantity Surveyor jobs,or SIte Engineer knowing the Bar Bending Schedule is must, In most of the Interviews the BBS been asked to prepare by the candidates. Learn from the CMTI Experts and get equipped as per the needs of the Industry


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