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Internships for Civil Engineers... Offline or Online...Where to do ???

Updated: Jan 11

Everyone needs Experience....the picture is today's Scenario

This is harsh reality, Our Academics & industry requirements have a huge gap, as the academic people have little exposure to the projects

Industry also requires people, only once they bag the projects and no one is having liberty to keep staff in bench.

In this Competitive world everyone needs best talents for their work place

How to get the Experience without working or without an opportunity ?

For Civil Engineers Industrial training also essential apart from classroom education

AICTE made it Mandatory, all the engineering students had to undergo Internships to get an Industrial Exposure.

Internships are short trainings during the education or after the education, to get an idea about the real work place, job requirements and you can say preview of your workplace requirements

Types of Internships

An internship may be compensated, non-compensated or some time may be paid. The internship has to be meaningful and mutually beneficial to the intern and the organisation.

Internship Online Courses for Civil Engineering Students

The aim of practical training is to help students develop skills and abilities that support professional studies and prepare them for work later on for the student the practical training provides an opportunity to learn important skills which will help in becoming a professional of the future.

Why it’s Important

Will expose Technical students to the industrial environment, which cannot be simulated in the classroom and hence creating competent professionals for the industry.

  • Provide possible opportunities to learn, understand and sharpen the real time technical / managerial skills required at the job.

  • Exposure to the current technological developments relevant to the subject area of training.

  • Experience gained from the ‘Industrial Internship’ in the classroom will be used in classroom discussions.

  • Create conditions conducive to quest for knowledge and its applicability on the job

In Lot Many Companies, Interns have better chances of Hiring, and interns are preferred by the Employers

Those who have done a proper internship gets preference during Interviews.

The Internships are 3 types

  1. Compensated Internship by the Companies

  2. Non Compensated Internship by the Companies

  3. Paid Internships

When it has to be done ?

Preferred to start the Internships during your Second year of Engineering onwards… The colleges have recommended students to start Internship during Second year.

One has to do proper Internship through good companies either Offline or Online.

  • In Internship, what are the topics you should cover?

Preferred topics for Civil Engineers during Internship

  • Drawings & Specification study for a project

  • Quality Control for a Project

  • Preparation of Schedules for a Project using MSP / Primavera

  • Understanding the drawings and estimation of steel

  • Interior Design & Site management

  • Building Information Modelling

  • Green buildings

  • Digital Construction Technologies

  • Preparation of Bar Bending Schedules for a Project

  • Site Engineer

Where you can do this ?

CMTI is a No 1 Institution for Training & Placements and its a professional organisation working towards development of Construction professionals through Structured training programmes.

CMTI was founded by Er S G Ashok Kumar, seasoned Project Management professional and Green Building certified professional who worked for 25+ years in the Construction field and worked for Major Companies like Larsen & Toubro, HCC and JMC.

CMTI trainers are well experienced Project managers having average of 30 years of work experience – you can visit

CMTI is official Technical Training partner for NITTTR( National Institute of Technical Teachers Training Institute, Naredco Karnataka, Civil Engineers Association of Tamilnadu, Larsen & Toubro & Tata Projects

Offline Internship Training at Shriram

Properties Bengaluru

Online Internship Training

Offline Internships available at Bengaluru, Chennai, Davangere and Hyderabad based on availability

Utilize the opportunity...get your internships done properly through CMTI

If you are planning for Higher studies at Abroad / India, you can fetch part time jobs with the support of Internships

Lot of Students before their International Studies completed their Internships at CMTI

Amrita done her Internship during her 7th Semester and done her detailed Course, CMTI helped to get placements in a Corporate

Jyothir & Kishore kumar students Internship report on Project Planning using MS Projects

Offline & Online Internship Programmes available at CMTI

Fill the Application form

Nominal Fees is there offline Programme at Chennai, Bengaluru

CMTI is No 1 Institution in Industry Connect & Training, Placements


Abhigyan Koley
Abhigyan Koley
Jul 30, 2021

Is CMTI help us to placement? Is there any opportunity to get a job from CMTI?

Er S G Ashok Kumar PMP, IGBC-AP
Er S G Ashok Kumar PMP, IGBC-AP
Jul 31, 2021
Replying to

Yes...CMTI is supporting the Students employments as per the Industry needs

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